Beta Sigma Phi Members Visit LFNC

Members of the Northern California Council of Beta Sigma Phi paid a visit to the LFNC Office on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  LFNC is one of four philanthropic projects supported by NCC and the seven other California councils of Beta Sigma Phi.  Since 1985, LFNC has received a total of over $721,000 from the 8 councils and Beta Sigma Phi International.

Beta Sigma Phi members visit LFNC offices on March 9, 2013.

Photo credit: Jugdeep Aggarwal. LFNC thanks Mr. Aggarwal for donating his time and skills at this event.

Along with the support of families and loved ones of lupus patients as well as community members, the Lupus Foundation of Northern California is fortunate to receive strong, ongoing financial support of organizations like Beta Sigma Phi. It was our honor and pleasure to welcome our visitors, and we would like to thank everyone who came.